Management and Consultancy

View of Organization

Management and Consultancy company offers the Technical advice and General procedure for all design( Basic design , Detail design and Production design) , Procurement and Production for New building etc.

Role of Management

Project Management support the Project Manager who is to be controlled Engineering Manager, Procurement Manager and Production Manager.

Procurement Management support the Procurement Manager who is to be considered the order and delivered schedule for all Equipment and Material.

Production Management support the Production Manager who is to be controlled Production process and procedure .

Engineering Management support the Engineering Manager who is to be controlled the approval of Owner and Classification Society.

Role of Consultant

Each consultant advise the design back ground, design concept, design knowledge and design process etc.

Each consultant advise the application of Classification Rules and Regulation and also International Rules and Regulation like IMO, SOLAS.

Each Consultant advise the role between design office and yard production office.


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